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Process Engineer

    This position is primarily responsible for managing the entire engineering process of assigned parts. This includes being able to design the process for laying out and manufacturing the part, be able to tool up new parts, solving design problems during the manufacturing process and pursuing continuous improvement opportunities resulting in added value and/or cost reduction. In order to accomplish these tasks, the incumbent must be able to effectively interface with customer personnel, be proficient in using engineering software such as AutoCAD, PRO/E.

    Basic understanding of general machining and inspection processes/equipment such as grinding, milling, inspection machines. An understanding of basic programming of these machines is a plus.
Proficient in using AutoCAD and Pro/E. 
     Independent work with strong technical capabilities, which contributes to the total understanding of how to engineer and route the manufacture of customer product, and is able to determine tooling requirements for assigned parts. 
    Strong ability to work in a team problem solving environment either as an organizer or participant is required. 
    Responsible not only for the design of how parts will be manufactured but also works the issues on the floor to assure that what has been designed can be cost effectively produced. 
    Report to supervision conditions or practices that are either unsafe or that may adversely impact the environment, to ensure prompt resolution of potential hazards

    College education, major in engineering or related educational background
    At least 3 years related experience and/or training.

Job Type:  Full time       Salary Range:  Open